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Sisu: a Finnish word: (translated) Perseverance, Integrity, and Tenacity

Sisu: a Finnish word: (translated) Perseverance, Integrity, and Tenacity

Sisu: a Finnish word: (translated) Perseverance, Integrity, and Tenacity Sisu: a Finnish word: (translated) Perseverance, Integrity, and Tenacity Sisu: a Finnish word: (translated) Perseverance, Integrity, and Tenacity

Transform using the Finnish cultural context of sisu; if not we may suffer adversity people can not see to understand. 

Kelly Anne Thune, B.S., M.A.T., C.A.S.



After being injured by a student while working as a school leader in 2017 and ultimately losing her health, career, and home; Kelly, single mother of two,  developed a six month plan, a year plan, and a two year plan towards regaining health and purpose. Part of her plan has been embodying the Finnish cultural context of sisu; a noun and a verb that translates to having perseverance, integrity, and tenacity when presented with life’s most significant adveristy. Kelly demonstrates sisu in action and will help you to discover it for yourself! She has used her background in science, education, and working with people to develop resilience workshops that will help individuals overcome adversity in their lives. Formats include individual consulting, leadership/empowerment workshops and/or presentations and separate yoga instruction.


About Me

Kelly holds a B.S. Biology, a M.A.T. Science Education (Chemistry, Biology, Earth Science), a C.A.S. Education Leadership and additional graduate credit hours in exercise science, and anatomy & physiology. She has years of experience teaching and leading including greater than ten years each as a fitness instructor, science teacher, and school principal/administrator. She is a fully qualified RYT 200 Yoga teacher and holds Love Your Brain Foundation Yoga Certification. She looks forward to using her education and experience to help you to learn how to overcome obstacles. She will advocate for and support you individually, at school, or work. You are not alone in creating a new path and her positive energy will inspire. Her hobbies are running, yoga, continuous learning, and spending time with her girls, Mika and Annika. Helping others is her passion.

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Sisu - defined

Sisu is a Finnish word (noun and verb) that loosely translates to having perseverance, integrity, and tenacity when faced with life's greatest adversity.

Kelly first learned about sisu as an exchange student to Finland in 1986 when she interviewed Finns for an essay contest on the topic and won! The concept has surfaced over and over in her life and has been a significant factor in recent transformation. The following is how she interprets the meaning of sisu and uses it as a process to transform:

Motivated Monday

Sisu requires confronting your challenges.

Trying Tuesday

Sisu is finding enjoyment in discomfort.

Workout Wednesday

Sisu demonstrates exercise/training is medicine.

Throwback Thursday

Sisu involves the role of reflection.

Informative Friday

Sisu is learning and reason informed.

Social Saturday

Sisu is making connections and strengthening relationships (including asking for help.)

Reset Sunday

Sisu is finding balance and purpose, visioning, and doing.

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I understand that life's challenges are significant. This is what my life changing concussion/mTBI has taught me. I do not give up, and I can use my experience as a leader, educator, and Mom to try and help you! Tell me more about what you're looking for, and I will get back to you soon.

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After stereotyping and resisting yoga, I learned the restorative qualities of the practice and how to use it as a natural source of transformation. It calmed my nervous system.  ”Sisuyoga” : my way of teaching you yoga with the subtle yet powerful messages of having perseverance, integrity, and tenacity.