Stretch and Strength with Intentions of Perseverance, Tenacity & Integrity

Benefits of Yoga

strength & balance (Schmid et al, Disabil Rehab 2015

quality of life (Donnelly et al. Brain Injury 2016)

less stress (Silverthorne et al. Int J Yoga Therap 2012

mental fatigue & information processing (Johansson et al. Brain Injury 2012)

attention (Cole et al. Mil Med 2015)

self-efficacy (Azulay et al. Head Trauma Rehabil 2013)

memory (Azulay et al. J Head Trauma Rehabil 2013)

*compiled from LYB Yoga

Kelly is a LYB certified yoga teacher

My Testimonial

I have diligently engaged in various therapies to transform from adversity. In addition to the SISUTANY weekly process that I have devised, yoga has enabled me to calm my nervous system by engaging my vagus nerve thereby allowing me to actualize each benefit from the list to the left and allowing my brain to neuroplastic healing. I was reluctant to try yoga only to learn that I wish I had started sooner. Contact me with questions. I teach private lessons to those that want to learn, heal, stretch, and/or grow. I will also teach a group that you gather. Additionally, I host a free class every Tuesday on FB with more classes to come. Yoga events are listed separately on this website. Online classes via multiple platforms are easy to set up! Contact me! [email protected]